Find out more about the recruitment process



Stages of the recruitment process at Kilargo:

 Level 1

Application for a selected job.


 Level 2

CV selection - From the submitted applications, we select the ones that currently best suit our needs.


 Level 3

Job interview.

During meetings and practical tasks, we check the qualifications, skills and personal characteristics of the candidate. It is also necessary to meet a potential supervisor.


 Level 4

Reference check.

This is the last stage of recruitment, the purpose of which is to obtain information from the candidate's former employers. During the telephone conversation, we obtain valuable information, including the functioning of the employee in the organization, his strengths and weaknesses.


 Level 5

Feedback after the meeting - we will inform you by phone about the results of the interview.

We make a decision based on the collected information. The selected candidate receives a job offer from us.


 Level 6

Employment of a candidate.

After agreeing the terms of employment with the candidate, we plan to implement a new employee so that he can successfully adapt to the organization.