Kilargo is not only a trustworthy employer and business partner, but also a conscious and responsible member of the local community.

We conduct our business so that the CSR philosophy - close to the owners and employees of the company - becomes an integral part of the company's management and our daily practice based on respect for employees, the community and the environment.

As a company, we engage in pro-ecological activities - we have our own sewage treatment plant with a biogas system, which we then use for economic purposes.

The innovative, environmentally friendly treatment system allows virtually clean water to be discharged into the wastewater. We have successfully introduced waste segregation in our premises. We have also installed aerators on all taps to reduce daily water consumption. In offices, we adhere to the 5S idea, the aim of which is to create and maintain a well-organized and safe workplace.

We are familiar with charity work - many of our employees actively work for animals, engaging in helping shelters and associations. We support local initiatives and organizations. For three years, we have been bringing a smile to the most needy children - cooperation with the SOS Children's Villages Association amounts to over PLN 220,000, which we donated to those under our care.

We buy raw materials and materials for production from suppliers who share our values.