Quality and certification

Quality is our priority. We take care of it at every stage of the production process. All raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging are purchased from regular, proven and approved suppliers. Already at the delivery stage, they are subject to strict and strict control. Quality control is a permanent element of the technological process, it is not limited only to the finished product.

Each batch of the finished product undergoes an organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological assessment. Analyzes are performed in the factory laboratory, but we regularly verify them also in accredited external laboratories.

Each batch of ice cream, after production, before it goes on sale, is quarantined for 72 hours. It is time to do the entire research package. These tests are a guarantee that the ice cream we give to consumers is of the highest quality and completely safe for health.

Additionally, a sample is taken from each production batch of the finished product and stored until the expiry date of the given production batch.

We regularly undergo audits and quality controls carried out by certified units. We have international certificates confirming the highest production standards - BRC FOOD and IFS FOOD.