About Us

We guarantee the highest quality of cooperation for our partners. We approach each project with great commitment. We follow and create global trends in ice cream production. We develop recipes, implement bold ideas of our contractors, introduce ready-made solutions that are successfully sold all over the world. Innovative designs, unique flavors or traditional forms loved by consumers - we know everything about ice cream. Products from our factories even reach the other side of the world - you can buy them, among others in the Arab Emirates, Libya, Qatar and Senegal. Our production capacity is nearly 300 tons of ice cream per day. The use of the most modern technologies and machinery allows us to implement virtually any type of ice cream. For many years, we have been setting standards and trends in the ice cream industry in Poland, we successfully complete contracts with even the most demanding partners. Thanks to the consistent and effective activities carried out for almost 30 years, we can pride ourselves on the highest production standards, which are confirmed by international quality certificates - BRC FOOD and IFS FOOD.







Currently, the structure of the Kilargo Company consists of the headquarters located in the heart of Łódź and two modern and innovative production plants: in Chechło First and in Kalisz. Our business is based on the following values: responsibility, safety, cooperation and partnership, creativity and development, which translate into the professionalism of our activities. This allows you to create a friendly environment and workplace. Our company employs people of various nationalities and ages. We value the enthusiasm and creativity of young people as well as the experience and knowledge of 50+ employees.

More than half of the management positions in the company are occupied by women. We are a company with 100% Polish capital, and the owners take part in the life of the company and the most important design processes.








The mission of Kilargo is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by producing and selling innovative, high-quality products. We are committed to operational excellence.


We intend to achieve this goal through the implementation of the main elements of the operational strategy.


According to the company's vision, we want to be a strategic partner for our clients and an expert in the field of ice cream production and distribution.