We implement each project individually. We carefully explore the needs of our partners, develop and present solutions, and work together to refine the details. We are not afraid of even the most complex and specific expectations regarding the final product.

Depending on the expectations of our partners, we can propose our proprietary proposals or prepare products in accordance with the guidelines provided. The process is carried out in accordance with the internal design procedure, and during it we repeatedly verify its compliance with the original assumptions and expectations. Due to the fact that we have our own separate R&D laboratory with a pilot line, we are able to prepare prototypes of almost all ice cream produced by us on a laboratory scale. Our technologists carefully supervise the implementation of new products on high-performance production lines.

We care about the high quality of cooperation and the comfort of our partners, which translates into long-term relationships and regularly renewed contracts.


Dbamy o wysoką jakość współpracy i komfort naszych Partnerów, co przekłada się na długofalowe relacje i regularnie odnawiane kontrakty.






Quality is our priority. We take care of it at every stage of the production process. All raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging are purchased from regular, proven and approved suppliers. Already at the delivery stage, they are subject to strict and strict control. Quality control is a permanent element of the technological process, it is not limited only to the finished product.

Each batch of the finished product undergoes an organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological assessment. Analyzes are performed in the factory laboratory, but we regularly verify them also in accredited external laboratories.

Each batch of ice cream, after production, before it goes on sale, is quarantined for 72 hours. It is time to do the entire research package. These tests are a guarantee that the ice cream we give to consumers is of the highest quality and completely safe for health.

Additionally, a sample is taken from each production batch of the finished product and stored until the expiry date of the given production batch.

We regularly undergo audits and quality controls carried out by certified units. We have international certificates confirming the highest production standards - BRC FOOD and IFS FOOD.






Kilargo has its own fleet, we also cooperate with the largest transport companies in Poland. Our partners have all the certificates and authorizations required by Polish and international law.

We take care of fast and professional delivery. To shorten the time of order fulfillment, we store ice cream in several warehouses all over Poland, as well as in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Thanks to this solution, we are able to deliver orders to the end recipient within 24/48 hours. In addition, some warehouses also act as a logistics operator, which gives us the opportunity to deliver ice cream to recipients by combining our orders with the orders of other suppliers. This lowers transport costs and enables more frequent deliveries. We use wooden pallets that meet all the standards required in the food industry.

We also do not forget about caring for the natural environment when carrying out transport. We design contracts with our partners in such a way that deliveries are made with full vehicles, thanks to which we reduce exhaust emissions.